Why mobile chicken coop?

Moving the chicken coop around the yard keeps the grass trimmed, as chickens eat it as part of their diet. Because chickens move to a new grazing location frequently, the need for premixed feeds is reduced. Natural growth in the garden helps supplement your chickens' diet. Raising your chickens completely outdoors can be a wonderful idea, but if your area is full of predators, then your chickens are just white sitting.

Dogs, cats, foxes, coyotes, bears, owls, hawks, skunks and raccoons are just a few of the many predators who would love to prepare a quick meal with your chickens. A portable chicken coop allows your chickens plenty of space to exercise and scratch, as well as sunlight and fresh air. Most importantly, there is a fenced area and a closed chicken coop to keep your herd out of danger. And finally, having a mobile chicken coop also decreases the chances of parasites.

This works because your chicken coop will move every few days away from feces. Once the chicken coop is moved, it does not allow parasites to complete a full life cycle to spread to other chickens. And this could save you hundreds of veterinary bills. Using a portable chicken coop is basically a symbiotic relationship between you and your avian counterpart.

As long as you close off any form of predators or extreme weather conditions from your birds using this ark shelter, the indoor environment is a safe and homely place for your chickens. Plus, you can be sure that you won't find your garden cluttered while you're not looking. A portable chicken coop allows your birds to roam freely but keeps them within the boundaries of a particular area. In addition, chicken coops reduce maintenance bills (using a lawn mower) because birds will help keep the field naturally clean by constantly feeding on grass.

A portable chicken coop with wheels can be used to reduce pests in your garden organically. By moving the chicken coop every few hours around the perimeter of your garden, you can reduce the number of pests that feed on your hard-earned vegetables. Another solution is to build a 5 foot wide area using a chicken wire fence around the perimeter of the garden for chickens to run around during the day. Hens must remain safely locked in the chicken coop at night.

With a mobile chicken coop, you have the option of allowing your chickens to go completely outdoors 26% or move them in a more controlled way. Unlike the smaller mobile chicken coop, chickens will be in direct contact with feces throughout the parasite's life cycle. It's no news that chickens are much happier when allowed to move freely during the day. Chicken manure is an excellent fertilizer that infuses potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients into the soil.

A portable chicken coop has a lot to offer and provides your chickens with a healthy living environment while transforming your property into a fertile mecca. But, in this case, the chickens perform the functions of the tractor by digging, weeding and fertilizing the soil. The best way to create a healthy, happy and productive environment for your chickens is to use the right chicken coop accessories. Since you won't have to worry about rotations or giving your flock enough space, a smaller mobile chicken coop with sleeping bars could be better used at night.

Most mobile chicken coops can accommodate up to 6 chickens with a nest box, which can be a more accessible and economical option. Until now, mobile homes for chickens were limited to “small houses”, chicken tractors and chicken coops the size of a mobile home. If you're a domestic poultry farmer or an amateur who just tests the waters of chicken farming, a mobile chicken coop might be your best option. The shooting area for mobile chicken coops is not safe from predators, as game animals can dig under the fence.

Although the amount of feed a chicken needs every day will vary depending on several factors, a single chicken can eat up to 1.5 pounds of feed per week. As a chicken owner, a pressing issue that may be on your mind as temperatures begin to drop is chicken coop heating. It's much easier if the portable chicken coop comes with a nest box, as birds are likely to lay their eggs in the nest box, making the entire egg collection process as easy as walking around the park. One can build your own chicken coop at home with chicken coop plans like the ones found here on my website.

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