What should i look for when buying a chicken coop?

This prevents bird breathing gases and droppings from accumulating inside the chicken coop, Shade. Chickens love shade, so a chicken coop and a run should include shaded places, dust baths. Size You should leave a minimum of 3 to 5 square feet of floor space for each hen inside your hen. If you breed larger breeds or spend a lot of time indoors during the winter, then you'll want to plan about 5 square feet per hen, if you raise roosters or small breeds that spend most of their time outdoors except when they sleep or lay their eggs, you may be able to get away with it closer to 3 square feet per hen.

Sleeping Bars Plan to allow 8″ hen per hen. Chickens tend to snuggle together in cold weather to keep warm and also to keep their balance, but a minimum of 8″ per chicken is the general rule of thumb. Shelters should be placed higher than nest boxes, as chickens seek high ground to sleep and you don't want them to sleep (and defecate) in their boxes. For everything you need to know about shelters, read my article that appeared on the Backyard Poultry Magazine site.

The chicken shack is a large space for a flock of five or six birds with dimensions of 83 X 60 X 47.Whatever you decide, one of the most important features is making sure the chicken coop has enough space for your chickens to stretch out and move comfortably. After consulting local city or county ordinances and homeowners' association to make sure you're allowed to house chickens, it's a good idea to inform your neighbors of your new farming activity (the promise of free farm fresh eggs is a good gesture). Now that you've decided on a home for your chickens, consider some of the accessories you might want to use with it. If you are looking for a modern chicken coop, this gray and white Rustic Ranch chicken coop is the one for you.

Therefore, suitably sized nest boxes should be included in the chicken housing designed for laying birds. In extreme heat, you should provide afternoon shade for your chicken coop, either landscaped or with a shade cloth. Chickens provide natural, chemical-free insect and weed control for your garden, and make some of the best natural fertilizers for your garden. I made the mistake of keeping the chickens in a stable, and they made the whole barn incredibly dusty (besides putting their droppings everywhere).

Putting herbs in nest boxes and hanging curtains is optional, but both have an important function and your chickens will love it for it. Ammonia vapors created by chicken droppings can build up and, if they have nowhere to escape, can cause respiratory problems and eye irritation. In addition, you'll need to determine how many nest boxes to add to the interior of your chicken coop. In addition, when possible, purchase adult chickens from the same owner so that they become familiar with each other.

Supplies such as bales of pine chips, bags of chicken feed, oyster shell, sand, cleaning supplies and medicines are things that need to be stored somewhere. The best thing is a solid wood frame, with wire mesh to allow your chickens a fresh air flow.

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