How much does a small chicken coop cost?

Whether you want to build a chicken coop for farm-fresh eggs or watch the chickens peck during the day, you need to know how much it costs. Always make sure to clean your chicken coop often enough so that bedding doesn't get tangled or smelly. A high-quality chicken coop will contain nest boxes, above-ground sleeping spaces and good ventilation. Wood shavings may currently be the most popular type of bedding for chickens, as they are easy to buy at most farms or home improvement stores.

I have 4 chickens and bought a ready to use chicken coop from Tractor Supply and it seems flimsy but adequate. They can also become flighty, as they have to fend for themselves (since free-range chickens don't usually have safe chicken coops and run) against chicken predators. If you love DIY projects and sustainable living and have a little space in your backyard, building your own small chicken coop may be the perfect project for you. I have estimated those costs here because they must be amortized over the life of the items (how long your cooperative will last) and the number of all the birds that will live inside it (such as paying rent for the little birds).

The Jersey Giants are a traditional breed of chickens and also one of the largest purebred chickens in the United States. Remember, a quality chicken coop should include nest boxes and off-ground sleeping areas and provide each chicken with approximately 3 square feet of space inside the chicken coop. Size is one of the most important factors in determining cost, but the type of chicken coop you choose also plays an important role. Another option is to allow your chickens to feed on your compost pile, develop a mealworm breeding farm, or raise black soldier fly larvae (which can also feed on your compost pile).

If you see that they waste a lot of feed, reduce the amount you're putting in them (or use a chicken feeder that doesn't waste). Conversely, if they are going to be in the chicken coop at all times, then each chicken will need at least 10 square feet.

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