Do chicken coops need windows?

Your chickens will spend a lot of time in the chicken coop, so they need fresh air, designing a chicken coop with sliding windows is a great way to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the summer. When building a chicken coop, you should consider how you'll keep the floors clean in your chicken coop. A common question that has many misconceptions and myths around the subject is: do chicken coops need windows? The short answer is yes, chicken coops should have windows. Ideally, a chicken coop needs at least one window to let in light.

Chickens are light-sensitive animals and daylight regulates both egg-laying and molting. So do chicken coops need windows? It is generally recommended that your chicken coop have windows. Windows let in light, which is crucial for egg production, airflow and fresh air for ventilation, and allow birds to look outside and see what is happening. Chickens have poor night vision and windows allow outside light to enter the chicken coop, and this prevents chickens from becoming paranoid and confused when left in the dark.

Chickens can also become depressed and unhealthy if they can't see outdoors. My preference is that the window faces the rising sun so that the chickens get up as soon as possible. If you want healthy and rested chickens, then it's better that no light enters the chicken coop at night. An extremely important element of successfully keeping chickens is ensuring that there is adequate ventilation in the chicken coop.

Remember that if mice and rats really want to get into your chicken coop, they can chew on the wood, so if that happens, consider placing a wire mesh about 12 inches high around the bottom of the chicken coop. When it comes to chicken nest boxes, you have plenty of options, and pretty much anything that offers a quiet, dark place to lay eggs will work. The purpose of ventilation in a chicken coop is to obtain fresh air intake without drafts and without too large cooling of the air that is already in the chicken coop. Whether you're looking for new chicken coops or thinking about building your own for your chickens, the topic of windows is sure to come up at some point.

This is why cleaning your chicken coop regularly is also essential, we recommend you at least once a week if you want to maintain a good level of hygiene inside your chicken coop. Fortunately, there is usually no need to invest in a new cooperative entirely, although it is certainly an option. The first item needed is a hanger for sleeping and you will need about 8 to 12 inches of space per chicken on that hanger. What is important in any construction is that the windows do not let rain in freely, provide ventilation and are not too large to affect the structural integrity of the chicken coop.

And what I routinely discovered was with those guardians who didn't have windows; they were looking to introduce them to their chicken coop. The plans are detailed and you will learn how to make a chicken coop in my system step by step with photos. For birds that will be locked up most of the day or all the time, 10 square feet of space is needed. In addition, for the winter season and other cold months, having double-glazed windows in the chicken coop is another advantage.

This chicken coop comes with easy-open sliding doors that make closing your chickens at night simple and easy, not to mention the 2-story design allows you to house more chickens in a smaller space, ideal if you want your hen to be hidden in the corner of the garden.

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